Monstercurves presents Adrianna Nicole in her secret garden

I came across Adrianna Nicole in her garden yanking out weeds with her bare hands. The Milf looked so luscious squatting on the grass in her little shorts with monster curves hanging out that I had to offer a hand. Adrianna was charmed that such a gentleman had come to assist her, even if she knew I just wanted to get into her other ripe garden. The cougar actually looks even sexier amongst all the botanical specimens because her monstercurves give her the appearance of a juicy fruit waiting to be eaten. Enter here!


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Padded Seat, with Katie Cummings

I will always remember the day I saw a bright pink orb flying down the street, almost like a florescent juicy plum on the run. It was Katie Cummings riding her bike with her monster curves in shorts and a string bikini. Since the babe lived in my neighborhood, I tried to be friendly with her. It turns out that this girl is a super freak who is only interested in two things: working out her monstercurves and working them out on a big cock. I told her I could help in both departments and took out my dick to prove it. Sign up for the curves!


Right away, the juicy slut was on my dick with her plump lips. For public decency, I had to haul her monster curves back to my crib, though the horny nympho wanted to fuck me right in the dirty alley. Even though Katie Cummings is a slut, her pink pussy is still fresh so I tapped right into her wet reservoir. Those monstercurves were jiggling so nicely as my cock slid in and out of her cunt lips. I couldn’t believe it when the sultry skank actually licked my cum off her own big breasts. You’ve got to see this one! Get your ass pass!


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One of the reasons guys love Brooke so much is because she’s fun to hang out with, just like the girl next door. Only that this sexy girl has monster curves and knows just how to use them. Brooke’s neighbor came home after being away for some time. The naughty babe invited him over for some ice cream, but the stunned guy couldn’t even eat. Brooke had grown up a lot since hed seen her last! The babe must have been eating a lot of cream to get monstercurves of this proportion! Watch here!


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Alanah Rae in the right frame and Brooke adams in ass like that at Monster Curves

Sexy Alanah Rae wanted to do something special for her friend David’s birthday. The girl found some homemaker skills lurking inside her and whipped up a beautiful birthday cake. The only problem is that Alanah has some monster curves and gets thrown off balance pretty easily. While the fiery blond was delivering the cake, her big booty and juicy melons got out of synch and she tripped. Those breasts fell right into the creamy frosting! David thought that cake referred to those monstercurves, so he went right up to stick a big candle into the hot treat. Enter to watch!


Alanah just wanted her friend to be pleased, so she happily fed the guy her huge titties. Those nipples are extra sensitive and soon creamy frosting was dripping down the babe’s thighs. David dived right in between those monster curves from behind, determined not to waste one drop of Alanah’s juices. He plugged up her little cunt with his fat dick, but this just made the sexy chick start leaking like a tidal wave was flowing through her! It was Dave’s birthday, after all, so it didn’t seem fair that Alanah was getting all the party favors. The naughty girl even got a birthday package in her monstercurves! Join here!



Kinzie Parker Bone a Lisa & Bobbi Star Sexual Healing at Monster Curves

Kinzy Parker seemed like the perfect nude model for art class: she’s not shy about her delicious body, though the babe does have some problems staying still. She didn’t last long in this position though because the artist kept coming back to those monster curves. His entire canvas was filled with big curvatures and couldn’t compare to the juicy flesh illuminated in front of him. He decided to give up that art and pursue another form- film. These monstercurves love the camera and really fill up the lens! Watch the film here!


The sweetie pie was game for anything, so long as she got paid for her monster curves. With so much meat, you can bet the price isn’t cheap! The pair get pretty creative in finding ways to utilizing those luscious monstercurves. You’ve heard of a titty fuck? Well, try a slippery fucking between the ass cheeks. It was too much temptation to be in that valley and not go deeper. Heat literally radiates off those giant mounds. Instead of fucking art the guy decided to screw that hot flesh and paint Kinzy Parker with a spurting of cream. Get your pass now!


Jasmine Jolie, tight bod

Jasmine Jolie came in to discuss her next shoot and the discussion got really heated. We’ve got to hand it to the babe because she knows just how to show off her monster curves. The blond honey brought along some kinky spandex outfits to model for us. In the end, we didn’t even pick out which one was the sexiest on her well-rounded body. When our producer saw those monstercurves popping out of the material, he went booty crazy! At least the material was stretchy or the guy would have torn the kinky outfits apart to get at the delectable booty! Enter to watch!


Jasmine thought the producer was doing a test run for the new film, not satisfying his own monster curves fetish. She realized quickly enough when the guy started spanking her ass to hear the sound of the thick flesh. After some tender licking, the guy dives into what he’s been wanting all along- monstercurves. Jasmine does a great job riding his big beef with her tender pink pussy, even though it is getting stretched to extremes. Then the producer realizes what Jasmine’s true niche is. Once he goes up that tight asshole, Jasmine is discovered to be an ass queen! Join to get all the curves!


Madison is a curvy gal

madison-monster curves

Madison loves to go jogging in some pretty provocative clothes to show off her monster curves. Our guys started doing some pretty naughty things out in the woods and had to head back home to really get things going. They drooled all over her tits and rubbed her ass for what seemed to be hours. Im sure anyone would do the same thing. Wait until you see this monstrously curved gal.

madison-monster curves

Lexxy Stacked to the max at Monster Curves

This guy has spent too much time cramming the books and not the other fine things in life. His friend decided to wake the guy up by sending over a present. One look at Lexxy’s monster curves when she rolled wearing leather lingerie and the book dropped right out of his hand! Lexxy looks like Cat Woman in this nasty outfit she’s got on, only that the chick is sprouting more monster curves than any feline. The wild babe doesn’t waste much time on introductions before she bounces her big ass in the lucky guy’s face. Enter here to watch!


You’d have to be dead not to get affected by Lexxy’s monstercurves. The guy springs into action, slurping on the stud’s fat dick. For horny curvy honeys like Lexxy, this is just an appetizer before the main meal of monstercurves. She gets that dick so slippery with her own spit that even the guy’s balls are drenched. Just watch the way Lexxy straddles the guy and sits her large booty down on his meat. It’s amazing that the guy doesn’t bust a load instantly into that perfect round ass. You can bet when those monster curves get creamed, it’s the juiciest piece of fruit you’ve ever seen! Sign up for booty!